History of MedFinSA

MedFinSA was founded and its concepts was designed by leaders in the Medical Practice Management Industry.

MedfinSA’s history began in the Vaal Triangle, where Jacques Badenhorst and Hannes Els first worked as computer technicians for a company who specialized in Medical Practice Management.  The company broke down in 2002 and gave us the opportunity to take over the technical department and thus start a small IT business. Reboot Information System Specialists cc was established and provided IT services and Medical Practice Management software to medical practices.  The market changed rapidly over the years and since clients were in the need of other services related to Medical Practice Management, it was necessary to establish a 2nd company. MedfinSA Medical Practice Management Services Pty (Ltd) was established in 2010. This enabled us to utilize the IT services of “Reboot” to create ICT Solutions and the Medical Practice management services of MedfinSA to provide effective and profitable Medical practice management solution to clients.  As of 2013, MedfinSA promotes itself as a company that can offer a complete turnkey solution for any medical practice.